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Should You Update Online Business Profiles?

Online business profile services (directories) such as Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local, among many more, are a great, free services that can bring you new customers, more traffic, and more interactivity with your clients. A properly optimized and complete profile gives your enterprise a better chance of being found in map and directory…

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Create Sitemaps and use a Sitemap Index

Sitemaps are often overlooked when creating a website, largely because most are unaware of the benefits and process. Having a properly formatted sitemap index and sitemap files that are also submitted to Google WebmasterTools will result in increased indexed pages, which means Google (and other search engines) have greater visibility of your website that they…

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Make Joomla Article Titles H1 and H2 Tags for SEO

The article titles on your Joomla website are probably not optimized to their full potential. More specifically, they aren’t H1 tags on the article pages and H2 tags on the category, section, and home pages. They also don’t have title attributes in the href links on the category, section and home pages. These header tags…

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