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Yoast SEO Setup and Configuration for WordPress

Whether you are a small business owner that just wants a website up and running, web designer, copywriter, or SEO professional, it is important to be able to properly configure a website you are working on for SEO best practices. The standard and best WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast SEO, and in this blog post we…

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How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

increase organic traffic to your website

There is no quick way to increase organic traffic to your website that will stick. You can cut corners with shady, manipulative practices to see some quick gains, but that traffic increase will disappear just as quickly and then some when Google penalizes your website. Some businesses couldn’t care less and do them anyways, but…

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iThemes Security Installation and Configuration – WordPress

WordPress security has become more of a hot topic in the last few years as many vulnerabilities have been discovered and, unfortunately, exploited. So, we are here today to present our favorite WordPress security plugin, iThemes Security, and show you how to set it up and configure all the recommended settings. While most of these…

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Best Ways to Spend Your Online Marketing Budget

best places to put your online marketing-budget

What’s the Best Use of my Marketing Budget? We all know that if you want to have a successful business in today’s marketplace, you need a website, but not only that, you need great inbound marketing to drive potential customers from a variety of different channels. However, breaking into the space for the first time…

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Best Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Website

This will not be your typical “top 5” or “10 best” list of WordPress plugins. Instead, I want to take you through the list of plugins we actually use on websites we build for clients, from small single page sites to huge e-commerce projects. There will be a few exceptions, but, for the most part, we…

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