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Content Curation and Re-Blogging Tips & Strategies

Content curation, often known as re-blogging, is the sharing and redistribution of blog posts, social media, and other forms of online publication to your network of users with your commentary, praise, or critique. Almost everyone has done it, just by sharing a Facebook picture or retweeting your favorite quote. 

Eugene over at ContentStrategyHub explains the steps to proper content curation in his piece, Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis
  3. Curation

He explains that you must first find a good, intriguing, and helpful piece of content to curate, whether it be blog, twitter, facebook post, etc, and then decide if it is something that would actually be worth sharing with others. The last stage is simply taking what you have gathered, adding your own personal commentary, praise, or critique, and sharing it.

See? Simple! This very post is, indeed, a direct example and result of Mr. Farber’s article!

“As long as you are curating quality content, you are adding value for your audience (especially if they may not have found this content without you pointing it out to them).”

He also speaks on how to find good content to share, the pros and cons of curating, and the different types of curation you can use. We strongly suggest taking a look at his article if you think that re-blogging and content curation might be something that your business could benefit from and find the resources to do consistently. Many small, medium, and large companies have benefited from frequently using this strategy as part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

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