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Creative Block? Get Over It!

When blogging, you usually start out with nothing but a blank document and a ton of thoughts to work with. It can sometimes be hard to get those thoughts and ideas out on paper, simply because one does not know where to start or they are over analyzing everything. How to Combat a Creative Block, by Desizn Tech, explains how to get over a writer’s block using five helpful steps.

Have Confidence

Stop over-analyzing, set realistic goals, and go!

Good Environment & Discipline

Create a positive work area, no matter where you are working, avoid distractions, and be disciplined with your time.

Bad Moods and Boredom, Don’t Let it Happen

Get into a zone at work that does not include your personal life. Creativity is influenced heavily by your mood. Also, make sure the subject you are working on sparks your interest. Try to make everything you do exciting.

What Works for you When Brainstorming

Try using clustering or mood board techniques to effectively battle creative block when brainstorming. (more info in article.)

Breaks are Good

Don’t be afraid to take a break. You brain needs it! Avoid activities that will further muddle your thinking,and give your thoughts time to solidify. Walking away and coming back to something often yields extraordinarily better work!

All in all, when writing do not expect everything to ever be perfect the first time. It’s always a great idea to proofread or allow someone else to review your work. You always have the option of going back and making revisions whenever you’d like. When your ideas do not come out the first time, keep working at it and eventually you will become happy with the finished product.

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