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Find Your Facebook Personal or Page RSS Feed

Every Facebook personal or business page’s status feed has its own RSS feed that you can tap into for various purposes.

You may want to see your friend’s feeds in your feed reader (rather than actually logging in to Facebook and dealing with the ever increasing clutter), or you may want to pull your own feed and post it to another service such as Twitter via Twitterfeed or some other service. You can also pull page feeds (see below).

Either way, we ran across a quick tool that will give you your own feed’s RSS, as well as all of your friends.

It’s called FBRSS and you can log in and see your feeds in just a few seconds by going to FBRSS.com.

Page Feeds

If you want to pull the feed of one of your pages, or a page that you like, it does not look like FBRSS’s links are working correctly. However, I found a workaround after seeing this facebook rss feed post. His method works just fine, though it may be hard for some to find the ID of their pages.

On FBRSS, find the page you want the feed for. If you mouseover the page name you will see a link like:

Everything after “?id=” is the unique page ID. If you take that unique ID and place it where the ID is in the following URL, you get that page’s RSS feed:

BAM – Done! Just link that url into your feed reader, etc, and you’ll get updates from Decisive Design’s Facebook wall!

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