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Google Analytics Certification – Resources and Tips

For individuals, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) is the certification to go for if you want to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of Google Analytics. In this blog post, we provide links to several references and provide a few tips and tricks that should help you pass with (relative) ease.

Google Analytics IQ CertificationEverything You’ll Need to Pass Your GAIQ Exam

Think you’re ready? Think again!

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam isn’t as easy as you would think. Even if you have been using GA for years now and think you have a pretty good understanding of the different elements, you should still follow this guide and put in the time to study.

Test Details

Cost: $50
Questions: 70
Time allotted: 90 minutes
Required to pass: 80%
Can be Paused? Yes – but the test exits upon pause, so you can’t just pause it and sit on a question. You have 5 days, total, to complete the test once purchased.

How long should I study?

We recommend spending at least eight hours on studying, over about two days, using the below resources – including taking the practice tests.

What should I study?

So you’re ready to get at it, eh? Here’s what you’ll need to study (and keep open during the test for reference).

  1. Jatin Sharma’sHow to Pass the Google Analytics IQ Test in Two Days: Zero to Hero
    • A great guide that will list many of the resources I echo below. Worth the read.
  2. A real life Google Analytics account with all the bells and whistles.
    • Use this for studying and during the actual exam.
    • This is not required, but will be extremely helpful during studying and preparing. If you don’t have an account at all, you probably shouldn’t be taking this exam yet.
    • Preferably, this account should have webmaster tools, adwords, adsense, and eCommerce integrated. If you have custom segments, alerts, profiles, and filters set up, those are also helpful.
    • We recommend reviewing the account in detail as the first step of your studying process to re-familiarize yourself with everything.
  3. Review Google Analytics IQ Lessons Videos
    • See what Google has to say. Be aware that these videos do not cover the in-depth details you will get from the practice exam
  4. Blast Analytics & Marketing’s Google Analytics Reference Guide
    • Great quick reference. We recommend reading over it before moving on so that you know what’s on it.
  5. Jens Sorensen’s GAIC Exam Test Notes
    • Mentioned in Jatin’s link, above, this is a good reference for many keywords you might find during the test, etc. CTRL+F (find) is your friend. Reading through this (yes, it’s long!) before taking the practice or real exam will definitely help you.
  6. Google Analytics Practice Tests
    • This is your primary study material.
    • After reviewing the above, run through at least 70 questions to get a feel for what the exam is like.
      • These practice questions are marginally harder than the actual exam, but are written in similar fashion.
      • You will think “that’s a really obscure practice question – surely the exam isn’t like that”, but the truth is they are like that.
      • If you have the time, going through more practice questions will help you better prepare for the real thing.
      • Don’t freak out if you score 50% the first set of practice questions, you’re learning. Do them again, use your resources, and read carefully – there’s some tricky stuff in there!
  7. Google Analytics Help
    • Pretty self explanatory – Google anything you can’t find above!
  8. IP Address Range Tool
    • In case you get asked to define an IP range for a filter, this will come in handy!

Where do I take the test?

When you are ready, head over to the Google Testing Center, create an account, pay for the test, gather your resources, and take it.

If you have studied the above materials, paid attention along the way, and are quick to reference the materials during the test, you should be fine.

Good Luck!

Author – Jason Oeltjen – Owner / Founder

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