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Grow Traffic and Online Presence through Consistent Blogging

These days blogging and curating content are easy ways to help any small business’ online presence. Mr. Poburan from CategoryCode explains in his Blogging, SEO and Website Traffic – The Domino Effect post that it’s simple to gain traffic to your website by blogging quality content, it just takes time.

“…when we combine blogging and social media we have a domino effect with our SEO and Website Traffic. It compounds over time, giving you more results with the same effort.”

A large part of blogging is sharing the content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. People are enthralled with social media, and if your post is on there it will be seen, which only means that your website traffic will increase over time. If the right people follow and share your blog posts, you stand to gain followers quicker, form relationships on these social media platforms, and potentially have something you wrote go viral.

In the post, he provides example traffic data from one of their recent blog posts that demonstrates the initial spike in traffic that is generated from social syndication.

Building Over Time – Your Main Goal

When you consistently write new posts and share them with the world via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc, a compounding effect can be seen over time. As you gain new readers, fans, followers – whatever – there are that many more sets of eyes looking at your next post. Things begin to move faster and faster, as time goes on, until you’ve got a large base to broadcast to. This is exactly how the most successful blogs start off.

Along with these tips, Mr. Poburan also gives advice on the best time to tweet and share information on Facebook to give you the opportunity to gain new followers, and more, so make sure to read his whole post.

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