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Helpful HTML, CSS & Javascript Tools & Websites

Everyone likes free tools! Here are a few we use on a regular basis that could save you some time too.

Web Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Generate quick CSS for that shadow, gradient, transition, etc

  • CSS3Generator
    This tool is awesome. Okay, okay, so maybe you have all the syntax memorized and you type super fast – maybe you don’t need it – but the average person can benefit from being able to easily choose the type of CSS they want to add to their site, add the specific variables, and copy/paste the code.
  • CSS Gradient Generator
    Linked from the above CSS3 Generator, this gradient tool is super helpful as well. It generates CSS for a seamless gradient that works in all current browsers. It has several pre-built gradients, or you can input your own colors and themes.

Trouble coming up with a color theme for your new site or project?

  • Color Scheme DesignerColor Scheme Designer
    This tool lets you select mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, or accented analogic color themes based on your color selection and gives you an example of how they look on a light and dark page. Lots of settings – great tool for brainstorming color themes, etc.

Sometimes you just need to fiddle with that Javascript, HTML, and/or CSS

    If you’re not familiar with JSFIDDLE, you should be… it lets you input HTML, Javascript, and CSS in separate panels and view the output. You can then share your “fiddle” with a friend via a unique link so that they can view, review, critique, and/or fix it. This is a great collaborative troubleshooting and web based mockup tool.

What font is that logo using!!!???

  • WhatTheFont
    There are times a client sends you a logo and, needless to say, it needs to be re-created in vector form so you can upscale it, etc. WhatTheFont allows you to upload a graphic, choose the matching characters that the tool identifies, and gives you a best guess at what font it is.  It’s not 100% effective, but has saved the day on more than one occasion.

What tools do you use?

We want to know what tools save you hours of work and keep you sane on your daily journey through life. They don’t have to be web-based front end development oriented, just any tool that helps you hack life a little bit.

Let us know!

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