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How to Repurpose Content

How to Repurpose Content for More Engaging Marketing

5 Best Tips to Repurpose Content for More Engaging Marketing

Repurposing content doesn’t mean just reusing it. In fact, there are many different ways you can go about repurposing your content to make it more engaging for your audience.
So why should you repurpose content? If you have content that is still relevant, especially from posts that performed well, figuring out what works for it will help you be able to save time and effort on new content.

Here are 5 best tips that will help you find new and innovative ways to reuse old content in order to improve engagement and conversions on social media:

  1. Create a slideshow-style presentation of the article’s key points with images from the original post.

    You can also use quotes or sound clips from the original post if applicable. Share this slideshow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., as well as on YouTube or Vimeo if possible.
    This allows your content to become more digestible on each social media of your choice. Don’t forget to link to the original article as well for more in-depth explanations on your topics.

  2. Build infographics to have a complete visual outline of your content

    This could be a little difficult to choose what’s considered the most relevant information, especially without sounding redundant. Similar to creating a slideshow-style presentation, however, a good infographic is great for a singular image depicting the most highlighted information.
    You also don’t have to create it from scratch with free tools and templates online to help you from start to finish. Check out websites such as Canvas, here.

  3. Put together case studies with data you already have

    There’s plenty to learn from a quantitative aspect, but what about a qualitative one? Providing solid statistics with images and graphs showcasing the cause and effect of successful (or even unsuccessful campaigns) to sell a great story or showing what best works for your company.

    An in-depth case study helps you highlight your successes in a way that will undoubtedly help your target audience become interested. They show rather than tell people how to be successful, and they’re great for showing off accomplishments, not just telling them about them. But compiling an informative case study can pose quite the challenge.

  4. Write guest posts on topics you already have expertise on
    Guest Blogging

    There are many ways to repurpose content, but it doesn’t mean just reusing your website or social media. By guest writing on another blog, you can share your knowledge with a brand new audience and potentially bring them over to check out what your business has had to offer. This may include introducing new topics they didn’t know about or provide even more answers they were seeking.

  5. Turn existing content into videos
    Turn existing content into videos

    You can turn your existing content into animated or non-animated videos with quirky sound effects, upbeat music, and fun characters to either explain your content or turn them into a story worth watching. In addition to hosting your own videos, you can also partner with other businesses that have a lot of video-watching traffic on their site.

    This may include YouTube channels or blogs that are known for posting the most popular trending videos online. These websites and social media platforms will then share your content with their followers while linking back to where they found
    This is great for people who don’t like reading but are still interested in the topic matter. You can also make these educational tools.


With these tips on repurposing content for different audiences, you can get the most out of your original content. Repurposing older content saves time and reaches a wider audience. Both you and your visitors will get the most value out of every new piece of content that’s churned out in the future and this can turn into a chance to make these new visitors into paying customers.

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