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Make Copyright the Current Year on PHP Website

We’ve got a quick tip today. If you are using WordPress or another PHP based platform, you can place the following code in your footer, next to a copyright ( © ) symbol and it will always display the current year.

Note: The code in the snippets below needs to be in php tags. Not sure why my pre tags aren’t working properly and allowing me to put the code as-is…

php echo date("Y")

Hope this helps someone out there on the search for a solution to this!

And if you need to put the date anywhere else on your site, this works as well.

To display the three letter month, simply replace Y with M

php echo date("M")

For the day of the month, use “d”

php echo date("d")

For a full list of the available options, take a look at the php manual for the date function.

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  1. Reader on November 9, 2012 at 2:57 am

    Very good.Thanks

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