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Online Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners

We attended the Dallas SEO/SEM Meetup last night regarding Tips and Tools to Help Small Businesses Succeed.

Christine Churchill from KeyRelevance was able to recommend several tools for online marketing that small business owners can use to gain more traction online. Here are just a few of them:

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a desktop program that spiders website content from an SEO perspective. It catches onsite page elements and presents them in different folders to view and analyze.

2. Pingdom

This nifty tool covers up-time monitoring needs for any business. Using Pingdom allows you to have 24 hour surveillance of your website. If issues occur, they can be discovered as soon as possible, and you can be alerted immediately so you can resolve the problem without it becoming something that affects your business.

3. Raven Tools

Manage Social Media and PPC, make reports, and more with Raven Tools. This website can help you get results, and provides you with different tools that you can put together to save time and effort. The company is always updating and improving the product, also.

4. MagesticSEO

This site is designed to help you find how websites link to each other. They offer Site exploration, a Backlink History Checker, and Map Reports for your links.

This Meetup presented Strengths and Weaknesses of both big and small businesses, it identified how small businesses can compete in the online world, and Christine presented some very good tools and strategies you can use to help your business become more successful and compete with other companies.

Local to Dallas? Want to check out the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup? Join today!

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