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Retargeting Campaigns on Facebook


Facebook Retargeting Campaigns: Expanding your brand’s reach

Retargeting campaigns often cost less and convert more users into completing the customer journey. Users are more likely to engage with ads from brands they recognize, and we’ve seen a lot of success on Facebook.

The nuts and bolts of Facebook retargeting are surprisingly straightforward. You get an opportunity to reconnect with individuals who went to your website but didn’t make a purchase. With this blog post, we’ll be talking about what “retargeting” is and why it’s important.

When it comes to marketing, there is an array of different platforms to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. However, today we’re going to specifically focus on Facebook where we’ve seen so much success for retargeting campaigns.


what are retargeting ads

What are retargeting ads?

In short, retargeting campaigns remind visitors of your products and services after they leave your website without making a purchase.

For instance, let’s say you own an online athletic clothing store, you promoted and marketed your product, and you’re seeing people visiting your site. Everything seems to be going well with how long they seem to be spending on the site in total, but then suddenly they leave your site without making a purchase.

In another instance, something similar happens, and they even have items in their cart but for some reason, they have yet to complete their purchase. With technology being able to track a user’s actions, we are able to utilize this information for our marketing intentions – which brings us to “retargeting” campaigns.

Facebook retargeting campaigns

With Facebook, the cool thing about people visiting your business page there and engaging with your content is that we’re able to define the audiences a lot better.

We can show a specific message to somebody who viewed a product and didn’t check out or entered the checkout process but didn’t finish the purchase. So it’s a piece of the customer’s journey where we can talk to them in a specific way based on where they’re at in terms of engaging with the brand.

Another quick example would be if you have a blog article and a user reads it but they don’t go shopping on your site. Well now maybe you want to introduce them to your products in an ad that retargets them so that they say “Hey, I remember them. They wrote that great article, but I didn’t look at their products. I should take a look,”  and then the user will and take a look at the products and purchase.

top reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Retargeting is a huge part of shopping cart abandonment (SCA). 

An abandoned cart is when someone adds a product to their cart and leaves the site before checking out.

With an SCA campaign, we show the user their cart with the products they left behind just as a quick reminder. A simple, “Hey, you forgot this!”

We’ve seen enormous success with this in terms of getting our clients new customers that showed interest in their products, but never bought anything. This changeover is a huge milestone.

Especially if your customers have a high lifetime value, so it’s definitely worth investing in retargeting campaigns to grow your business.


If you needed an incentive to try retargeting, it’s actually a lot more cost-effective than most advertisements! Retargeting is a phenomenal method to supercharge your advertising ROI, yet it’s not as simple to execute as you might suspect.

You’ll require some direction to keep you on the correct side of your crowd’s brain — particularly with 80% of Internet clients confessing to having worries about their protection. We’ll talk more about how you can do this on our next blog post, which you can read here soon!


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