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Grow Traffic and Online Presence through Consistent Blogging

These days blogging and curating content are easy ways to help any small business’ online presence. Mr. Poburan from CategoryCode explains in his Blogging, SEO and Website Traffic – The Domino Effect post that it’s simple to gain traffic to your website by blogging quality content, it just takes time. “…when we combine blogging and…

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Small Business Habits Leading to Greatness

Own a small business? Want to be the big dog? Want to be on top of the game in your industry? Since our clients are small businesses everywhere, we try to keep up on ways to help them improve business in any way possible. A recent article on Forbes, 7 Habits of Great Small Business…

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Five Ways to Secure Your Hosting Account

After dealing with some site/server security issues with one of our clients recently, 5 Ways to Secure Your Hosting Account is a very timely article we found that may help you avoid such a circumstance.  The average webmaster probably needs to spend between 4 and 8 hours boosting the security of their websites, accounts, and servers. Hopefully…

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Online Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners

We attended the Dallas SEO/SEM Meetup last night regarding Tips and Tools to Help Small Businesses Succeed. Christine Churchill from KeyRelevance was able to recommend several tools for online marketing that small business owners can use to gain more traction online. Here are just a few of them:

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Free Design Tools to help Ease Web Design Workflow

Finding material that can be used by graphic designers to help ease workflow is sometimes hard. According to a recent article by Template Monster, the best place to start looking, of course, is online. Anything from fonts and icons, to color schemes and custom forms can be found. These online tools, found on Adam’s post,…

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Content Curation and Re-Blogging Tips & Strategies

Content curation, often known as re-blogging, is the sharing and redistribution of blog posts, social media, and other forms of online publication to your network of users with your commentary, praise, or critique. Almost everyone has done it, just by sharing a Facebook picture or retweeting your favorite quote. 

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